Vilvah is a progressive skincare brand that emphasises sustainability, safe and natural ingredients, high-performance formulation, fair trade, and cruelty-free practices.Vivah aimed to raise awareness of its ‘cleansing gel’ while effectively communicating the brand's commitment to natural ingredients and skincare excellence through an influencer marketing campaign.

Execution :

Our Agency embraced the challenge of creating a comprehensive influencer marketing campaign, blending paid and barter collaborations. Meticulously chosen creators like Priyanka Panwar, Khushi, Nishi, and others, whose content resonated with Vilvah's mission, were selected to ensure broad reach among audiences seeking natural skincare solutions. Collaborative ideation sessions between creators and our team resulted in a compelling narrative that celebrated the brand's commitment to natural ingredients.The campaign delivered engaging Instagram reels featuring creators' authentic interactions with Vilvah's cleansing gel.