Nutriburst is dedicated to creating supplements that perfectly align with human well-being while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. Their products are crafted from clean and natural resources. They steer clear of artificial flavours and colours, focusing on pure and simple wellness solutions. To introduce Nutriburst's star products - their varieties of Gummies, and convey Nutriburst's dedication to holistic health.

Execution :

We employed a creative and collaborative approach - by drafting a compelling deck and collectively brainstorming the content for the campaign. We worked towards ensuring that the content appeals to the target audience and encourages them to use Nutriburst. Sakshi Lalwani, a certified dietician, Riddhi Deorah, a parenting coach and Anurag Talks, an infotainment creator all well-known in the health and nutrition space were selected for this campaign. Our primary objective was to shine a spotlight on the effectiveness of Nutriburst's Gummies. The influencers successfully integrated the product into their storytelling, effectively highlighting its benefits.