Tencha offers a delightful range of guilt-free, refreshing blends that put matcha tea at the forefront. They stand for 100% pure Japanese matcha, zero preservatives, and a dedication to clean, wholesome ingredients.Tencha's primary objective was to elevate awareness of its Matcha Pre Workout. The challenge lay in creating a campaign that not only showcased their products but also resonated with individuals aspiring to lead healthier lives.

Execution :

TheBoredMonkey curated a list of creators whose values aligned with Tencha's wellness principles. These included: Sarika Sagar, a fitness coach, Shahbaz Lakdawala, a fashion & lifestyle influencer, Mohit Kumar, a fitness trainer amongst others. Influencers skillfully incorporated the product into their narratives, adeptly emphasising its advantages.Leveraged a blend of paid and barter collaborations, tapping into the influencers' authenticity to optimise reach and influence.The resultant outputs significantly contributed to amplifying brand awareness, effectively communicating the brand's numerous advantages.