AGARO, is committed to transforming everyday life by infusing it with innovative products that maximise potential. From top-notch speakers to pain-relieving massagers, AGARO aims to enhance daily experiences while ensuring style and quality. AGARO sought to introduce its latest innovations, including the Imperial Espresso Coffee Maker (1100W) and Elegant Electric Kettle (1.8L) in Black.

Execution :

Through a well co-ordinated barter campaign, we aimed to resonate with the target audience's needs. We selected creators who aligned with AGARO's commitment to modern and convenient living. This diverse group encompassed individuals from different niches to maximise campaign reach. Collaborative ideation sessions were conducted to co-create the campaign's narrative, spotlighting the products' ingenuity while connecting with the audience's quest for efficiency. The campaign's assets included captivating stories and reels that seamlessly integrated AGARO's products into creators' daily routines.