Setu is a new age brand of nutrition supplements to address challenges and solve problems, which are a consequence of our modern lifestyle. Setu's advanced solutions are crafted to strengthen body functions to solve and check conditions induced by present-day lifestyles. Its objective was to introduce Setu Nutrition's diverse range of products and establish them as essential components of a holistic lifestyle.

Execution :

We adopted a creative and collaborative approach, crafting a compelling campaign deck, and actively engaging in brainstorming sessions to create content that resonates with the target audience, inspiring them to embrace Setu Nutrition's products. The list of creators encompassed various health and lifestyle creators like Palki Oberoi, Dimple Nagpal, Minz Grover amongst others to ensure a comprehensive reach.Through a combination of paid and barter collaborations, we harnessed the authenticity of influencers to maximise reach and impact. The resulting deliverables played a vital role in spreading awareness about the brand and its numerous benefits.