One Score aimed to redefine credit monitoring by introducing an exclusive application for One Card users. The primary objectives were to inform users about the app's innovative features, highlight its user-friendly experience, and emphasise the ability to report fraudulent loan providers. The campaign targeted a diverse audience of tech enthusiasts and finance-minded individuals.

Execution :

TheBoredMonkey, designed a multi-faceted approach to engage both short-format and long-format creators. Tech creators were chosen for short-format content, emphasising the app's simplicity and efficiency. Finance and infotainment creators were enlisted for long-format content to explore credit insights and fraud reporting features. Our team collaborated closely with the selected influencers to create content that not only highlighted One Score's utility but also provided a step-by-step guide for users. Tech creators focused on demonstrating how to check credit scores and emphasised the user-friendly experience. Finance influencers explored the app's role in monitoring credit scores and detecting fraudulent loan providers.