boAt is a prominent online brand specialising in multi-category consumer electronic products, including earphones, headphones, smartwatches, and more. boAt aimed to increase brand recognition and product awareness during the competitive Big Billion Days and Great Indian Festival sales.

Execution :

We selected tech influencers who have dedicated and engaging followers on various Social Media Platforms to connect with the target audience. We strategically aligned the campaign with the Big Billion Days and Great Indian Festival sales events for maximum impact. Collaborative ideation sessions between creators and our team fostered the creation of a compelling narrative. This narrative resonated with the audience's desire for purchasing boAt products, adding depth and authenticity to the campaign. The campaign showcased a rich variety of content, including captivating YouTube Shorts, detailed YouTube videos, interactive reels, and review videos. Creators such as Natu Tech, Ricky Rodger, Tech Report Telugu, and others, all esteemed in the tech community for their credibility and engagement, played a pivotal role in the campaign.