"Bad artists copy, good artists steal."
—Pablo Picasso
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Molife is India’s first home-grown mobile and lifestyle accessories brand. Born out of a dream this startup offers you quality choices without costing you a fortune. Molife wanted us to prepare a campaign that can also promote their motto “Escape boring”. They wanted us to build brand awareness and engagement. They gave us two samples and wanted us to create a campaign according to Sense 300 and Sense 500.

Execution Strategy:

We strategize the whole plan and select creators according to their content. We incorporated ideas for them and also did ideation for perfectly communicating content for the brand. We focussed on building brand awareness and to our surprise, we saw good and effective results.

We design strategies that would promote the product to a vast audience. We approached multilingual content creators and allotted them content and delivery patter that is from time to content.


With sheer hard work and dedication, we were able to over-deliver to Molife. Along with the creativity we built trust with the brand and were able to bag another campaign for another product, Molife sense 500.
Million Views in total
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