MobiKwik aimed to build awareness and promote their newly launched P2P lending investment product - Xtra. The primary objectives were to drive app installations and conversions for Xtra, highlighting its impressive potential for up to 12% p.a. returns. This campaign targeted fintech enthusiasts and sought to establish Xtra as a competitive offering in the market.

Execution :

TheBoredMonkey, recognized the potential of Xtra by MobiKwik and embarked on a mission to showcase its unique value proposition. We drew inspiration from the successful 12% Club by Bharatpe and created a comprehensive influencer marketing campaign on Youtube, focusing on fintech followers. We ensured that the creators had a strong reach and credibility in the space. Collaborative discussions were held with the selected creators to outline the campaign's objectives, key messages, and the approach for integrating Xtra into their content. Six influencer videos were created, each offering a unique perspective and insights into Xtra. The content aimed to educate viewers, generate interest, and encourage them to take action by signing up for Xtra or seeking more information.