"An idea can turn to magic or dust, depending on the talent that rubs against it."
— Bill Bernbach
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Setu Nutrition aimed to develop a compelling video featuring Olympian Ankita Raina to promote their plant protein and pre-workout products. The video's objective was to spotlight the nutritional value, taste, and versatility of the products, engaging the target audience and driving awareness, consideration, and conversion.

The project started with brainstorming sessions and extended to meticulous scripting, storyboarding, and mood board creation, all tailored to align with the client's expectation. An essential element was the briefing of Ankita Raina and the selection of a shoot location that mirrored her actual training environment, accompanied by a detailed budget plan to ensure transparency throughout. The video shoot and direction were masterfully executed by TheBoredMonkey team, seamlessly integrating Setu’s plant protein and pre-workout into Ankita Raina’s routine while effectively highlighting product benefits. In post-production, a skilled touch was applied, encompassing editing, sound design, color grading, motion graphics, and special effects. The outcome surpassed the brand's expectations, delivering a compelling and impactful narrative.
Two captivating videos featuring Olympian Ankita Raina were successfully produced, resulting in the creation of three distinct performance marketing assets. These assets effectively highlight the nutritional benefits, taste, and versatility of Setu's plant protein and pre-workout products, significantly enhancing awareness and engagement among the target audience.
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