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Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe sought to create a compelling video featuring its luxury wedding collection and groom styling expertise. The video aimed to inspire grooms-to-be, positioning Louis Philippe as the ultimate destination for sophisticated wedding attire. The objective was to drive engagement and conversions among the target audience.
The execution of the Louis Philippe project commenced with the engagement of renowned Bollywood stylist Esha Amin, adding prestige to the brand for special occasions. Collaboratively, the video's flow, scripting, and budgeting plan were aligned with the client's vision. TheBoredMonkey team skillfully handled video shoot and direction, seamlessly integrating Louis Philippe's luxury wedding collection into the narrative alongside Esha Amin's expert styling tips. In post-production, meticulous editing captured the essence of the luxury brand, complemented by the addition of music, text, special effects (SFX), and motion grading. The final product impeccably reflected the brand's sophisticated image and style.
Successfully produced two engaging videos featuring Bollywood stylist Esha Amin, effectively showcasing Louis Philippe's wedding collection.Created significant buzz among the target audience, generating substantial engagement and interest in the brand's stylish and sophisticated ensembles for receptions and weddings.
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