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—Mike Volpe
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About the Client:
Prasuma is unwavering in its commitment to quality, refusing to compromise or cut corners. As a pioneer in the Fresh & Chilled Deli Meats segment, Prasuma has garnered a reputation for excellence in product and service across top modern retail outlets, restaurants, and chefs nationwide. Their dedication to delivering superior quality has made them an industry leader, earning the trust of consumers every day.
Prasuma aimed to create versatile creatives for performance marketing, social media, and content assets.Highlight the array of flavours available and emphasise the quick preparation of Prasuma momos. Showcase the availability of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Pre-Production: The process began with storyboarding and reference sharing, offering the client various creative options. The shoot location was chosen as per the client's requirements, and equipment and props were meticulously arranged.
Production: TheBoredMonkey executed end-to-end shooting with direction, aligning with the client's vision to spotlight Prasuma momos and their flavours.
Post-Production: In post-production, editors showcased their skills by perfecting the final videos, adding special effects, sound, and motion graphics to complement the creatives.
Three captivating video creatives were produced for Prasuma momos by TheBoredMonkey Team. We effectively conveyed the brand's message, driving engagement, and enhancing its presence in the market.
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