Boult, India's fastest-growing wearable brand in 2023, is renowned for its innovative design, high-fidelity acoustics, and disruptive technology. Boult sought to raise awareness about its transformative offerings, including products like the Ripple smartwatch, SmartWatch - Boult Crown R, Drift 2 smartwatchesBoult W20, Boult X1 Pro. The challenge was to spread awareness and introduce these innovative products effectively.

Execution :

TheBoredMonkey crafted a creative influencer marketing campaign that not only unveiled Boult's products but also celebrated the brand's dedication to delivering exceptional sound experiences.Carefully selected a diverse group of tech creators whose lifestyles aligned with Boult's commitment to innovative audio. Influencers included Aman Dhingra, Sai Kiran Samudrala, and Nabeel Nawab, among others.The campaign featured captivating stories, engaging reels, and unboxing videos that seamlessly integrated Boult's products into. The content aimed to showcase the products' potential to elevate audio experiences.