Plum Goodness is a renowned name in clean and sustainable beauty. They are 100% vegan, use well-researched natural ingredients, prioritise sustainability with a recycling program, and are PETA certified for being animal test-free. Plum Goodness aimed to raise awareness about their latest product, the Plum Coconut & Squalane Nutri Shine Hair Serum, while reinforcing their brand values of cleanliness, sustainability, and animal-friendliness.

Execution :

In a cost-effective barter campaign, TheBoredMonkey meticulously planned an influencer marketing strategy. With an allocated budget of Rs. 150,000, we collaborated with 1000 creators, seamlessly overseeing every aspect of the campaign - from scouting the creators to executing the launch of the new product. We selected an eclectic mix of influencers across diverse niches, ensuring alignment with Plum Goodness' commitment to sustainability and holistic wellness. TBM actively engaged creators in brainstorming sessions, encouraging them to ideate fresh and innovative ways to showcase the Plum Coconut & Squalane Nutri Shine Hair Serum.